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Premium Assam Blend

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Premium Assam Blend - Teacupsfull ; Assam CTC and Darjeeling Tea Blend; Best Assam and Darjeeling Tea; Buy Assam & Darjeeling Tea online

A special blend of Assam CTC tea with Darjeeling whole leaf tea that gives you the taste of CTC tea with a light mellow flavour of Darjeeling tea. Our finest Premium Assam Blend tea will invigorate your senses and get your mental gears running for the rest of the day. It's strong briskness, malty flavour and bright colour will perk you up immediately.



Dry Leaf: Granular and generous amounts of Darjeeling whole leaf tea.

Aroma: Malty and notes of muscatel

Colour of Liquor: Bright full bodied cup

Flavour of the Tea: Malty taste with pronounced muscatel flavour.

Compliments: Best enjoyed with at any time of the day. Pairs well with hearty foods strong flavoured cheese.

Brewing Instructions: Always use fresh water. Bring water to boil. Take one teaspoon of tea in a cup. Pour the heated water and steep the tea for 4-5 mins.  Adjust the time of brewing as per desired strength. Leaves can be steeped multiple times till it gives flavour.

Tea Master Recommendation: Best enjoyed with milk and sugar. Always use fresh water. Do not use re-boiled water. Can also be made on the gas stove. Always use a stainless steel container and not an aluminium one to make tea on the gas stove. Enjoy it hot.


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