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List of Darjeeling Tea Estates

The historical backdrop of Darjeeling gardens goes back to 1847 when the then government chose to set our Darjeeling Tea nurseries for experimentation and development. Gradually by 1852 Darjeeling began its initial business with three Darjeeling Tea Estate's specifically Tukvar, Steinthal, and Aloobari. Soon various Darjeeling Tea Estate's sprung up and today there are 80+ tea estates in Darjeeling. Some have shut down, however, 80+ remains. 

Today Darjeeling Tea is acclaimed to be among the best teas in the world which are savoured by connoisseurs’ world over. The Queen of the Hills – Darjeeling produces a limited amount of tea and each tea is different, owing to its climate, soil, slope, mountain mist, and rain.

Darjeeling Tea Estates are spread over seven valleys which cover the most of the Darjeeling Hills.


List of Darjeeling Tea Gardens; List of Darjeeling Tea Estates

Darjeeling East

Arya Tea Estate

Chongtong Tea Estate 

Dhooteriah Tea Estate 

Kalej Valley Tea Estate 

Liza Hill Tea Estate 

Lingia Tea Estate

Marybong Tea Estate 

Mim Tea Estate, Darjeeling Mim

Orange Valley (Bloomfield Tea Estate) 

Pussimbing Tea Estate 

Risheehat Tea Estate

Rungmook / Cedars Tea Estate 

Tumsong Tea Estate

Darjeeling West

Badamtam Tea Estate

Bannockburn Tea Estate 

Barnesbeg Tea Estate 

Ging Tea Estate 

Happy Valley Tea Estate

North Tukvar

Pandam Tea Estate 

Phoobshering Tea Estate 

Puttabong Tea Estate 

Rangaroon Tea Estate 

Rungneet Tea Estate 

Singtom Tea Estate 

Soom Tea Estate 

Steinthal Tea Estate

Kurseong (North)

Ambootia Tea Garden

Balasun Tea Garden 

Eden Vale Tea Garden 

Dilaram Tea Garden 

Margaret's Hope Tea Garden 

Moondakotee Tea Garden

Oaks Tea Garden

Ringtong Tea Garden

Springside Tea Garden

Kurseong South

Castleton Tea Garden

Giddapahar Tea Garden

Goomtee Tea Garden

Jogmaya Tea Garden

Jungpana Tea Garden

Longview (High Lands) Tea Garden

Mahalderam Tea Garden

Makaibari Tea Garden

Mohan Majhua Tea Garden

Monteviot Tea Garden

Mullootar Tea Garden

Narbada Majhua Tea Garden

Nurbong Tea Garden

Rohini Tea Garden

Selim Hill Tea Garden

Seepoydhura Tea Garden

Sivitar Tea Garden

Tindharia Tea Garden


Gopaldhara Tea Estate

Ghayabaree and Millikthong Tea Estate

Okayti Tea Estate

Phuguri Tea Estate

Seeyok Tea Estate

Singbulli Tea Estate

Thurbo Tea Estate

Upper Fagu

Avongrove Tea Garden 

Chamong Tea Garden 

Dhajea Tea Garden 

Nagri Tea Garden 

Nagri Farm Tea Garden

Selimbong Tea Garden

Sungma Tea Garden 

Turzum Tea Garden

Teesta Valley Tea Garden

Tukdah Tea Garden

Upper Fagu Tea Garden


Ambiok (Hillton)

Gielle Tea Garden

Glenburn Tea Garden 

Kumai (Snow View) Tea Garden 

Lopchu Peshok Tea Garden

Namring and upper Namring Tea Garden

Runglee Rungliot Tea Garden

Samebeong Tea Garden


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