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A Legacy of Tea

Our Story

Teacupsfull is a contemporary online tea boutique that is born out of generations of expertise and a real passion for great teas. We deliver the finest hand-picked fresh teas from select estates of Darjeeling, Assam, Sikkim, Nilgiris and Dooars and also offer a variety of teapots, personal infusers, accessories for brewing and serving tea.

The brand was born when our founders Shikha Puri and Narender Kumar Puri, a tea planter with over 40 years experience joined hands with the aim to bring the best quality loose leaf teas in the market. Shikha took a break from her career in advertising to look after her son and gave birth to another baby Teacupsfull. She is married in a tea family and decided to take the tea legacy forward by translating the family expertise.

Teacupsfull is a registered brand of Arthavya Fine Teas. Our exclusive company store in Gurgaon has a variety of teas and accessories for tea lovers.

Vernon Lodge - Darjeeling 1895

Our Company

Arthavya Fine Teas, is a company based in Gurgaon, India. Our family roots are in Darjeeling, and we are one of the oldest residents of this town. The family owns a Heritage Home “Vernon Lodge” in Darjeeling. Every year our team visits various estates in Darjeeling during the manufacturing season to source fresh teas that are shipped to tea lovers.

Our guiding philosophy - “Picked at the bud, then picked by us”

Why Teacupsfull

Every morning start with a cup full of good tea. It’s a mood enhancer, a wake up alarm that sets the tone for the day. At Teacupsfull we believe that everyone should have access to quality teas that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.

Whatever your tea - Enjoy it Teacupsfull.


Teas Selected by Ex-Planters

Our Tea Masters have worked in the prized estates of Darjeeling, Dooars, Assam and have many awards to their acclaim. They work relentlessly to ensure that our selection is always of the highest quality so as to bring the best cup of tea for tea lovers. The knowledge of tea, the secrets of manufacturing, and the nuances of tasting have now been passed on to the next generation.

Tea is in our DNA

The second generation continues the tradition of taking the knowledge further. Having been born in the tea estates, they started tea tasting since the age of 16 and worked with leading tea companies. Putting it simply, tea is in our DNA.

Young and Contemporary

Teacupsfull is a young and contemporary brand which continually reinvents, artfully packages and beautifully wraps the teas that are elegant and fashionable. Special efforts are put into each detail at every stage, from sourcing, tasting, packaging and R&D. Each stage ensures that a quality product is produced for the tea connoisseur.

We bring Fresh Teas for You

Our Tea Masters have worked with India’s leading tea producers and collectively have over 100 years experience. They guide our Tea Tasters who identify and source the highest-quality Indian teas directly from various estates, producers and auction centres. They select the best quality tea leaves for their appearance, texture, aroma and flavour which translates into an exceptional cup of tea.

Under Expert Guidance

We network with friends who have been associated with tea and some of them continue the tradition of being in the business of tea. We prefer to source teas from friends in the trade, some of them own gardens and some work as professionals in various tea companies. They also guide us in our selection of teas.

Certifications / Registrations

We are registered with Tea Board of India, under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India as exporters and buyers.

We are registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Foreign Trade for carrying out exports.