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Unique Gift Ideas for Corporate Diwali Gifting


The festival of lights is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and it brings an opportunity for everyone to bond with each other. Gifting during Diwali is important as it helps to bring closeness and fondness amongst people. Diwali is also auspicious for companies as it helps them to bond with their employees, suppliers and clients. Hence it is all the more important that you select a perfect gift for them. A gift is a reflection of your personality, it gives an impression to the receiver, what you think about them. Hence it’s worthwhile to put in that extra effort and get the right thoughtful gift.


Good health being the prime focus this year, it is a good idea to gift wellness and good health. Work from home has brought it's own challenges for employees. Break from work over a healthy and a refreshing cup of tea can do wonders. Gifting your team and clients gourmet tea blends that come packed with health benefits and taste, will surely go a long way. Our tea blends are curated meticulously by our Tea Tasters and gifting teas is surely the most thoughtful Diwali gift for anyone. After all you start and end your day with a cup of tea!



Companies make the most of Diwali gifting every year. This year you can make it special by customising your Diwali gifts with your corporate identity and logo. Customise the gifts with personalised messages for employees, clients and so on. You can get creative and think of many ways to personalise your gifts. Personalised gifts always leave an impression on receiver.




Reward everyone and show them that you care with our top 10 Diwali Tea Gifts and gourmet tea blends: Here what we think will make your Diwali 2021 a happy one for everyone:


  • Darjeeling Tea SignatureDarjeeling Tea is coveted as the ‘World’s Best Tea’ and is also regarded as the ‘Champagne of Teas’. The Darjeeling Signature Collection is a tea box of exceptional quality connoisseur grade Darjeeling teas. The box contains the seasons best teas comprising of First Flush, Second Flush and Organic Green Tea.


  • Grandeur : Celebrate Diwali with grace and tea. Featured in the gift box are teas from Darjeeling’s best tea gardens, each tea has been personally curated by Tea Planters and Tea Tasters for their exceptional taste. The tea box has Darjeeling Moonlight White tea, Royal Darjeeling Green Tea and, Darjeeling First Flush Black tea.


  • Eastern Classic : This limited edition is one of our most luxurious tea collections which are worthy of connoisseurs. Each tea is specially handpicked by our Tea Masters. It celebrates the three tea growing regions which make exceptional quality tea. The gift box has whole leaf (orthodox) teas from Darjeeling, Sikkim and Assam.


  • Happiness: This has been curated to make you feel special, the teas have been specially selected by our Tea Masters. When you take the first sip, you will taste the difference, you will feel happy with every sip. The box contains Darjeeling Black Tea, Darjeeling Green Tea, Special Masala Chai.


  • Immuno Booster: Is a collection of three antioxidant rich whole leaf green teas blended with 100% natural flowers, herbs and spices. Different spices and herbs work along with green tea to help boost immunity. The box contains Hibiscus Green Blush which is rich in Vitamin C, traditional Saffron Kashmiri Kahwa, a favourite from the Kashmir valley and Turmeric Ginger Green with traditional Indian herbs. Each tea has a distinct taste and exceptional flavour and compliments wellbeing.


  • Detox: Is a collection of four all-time favourite green teas for your well-being. Each tea is meant to help you achieve your goal of being fit. The pack will make you feel healthy, light and active.


  • RejoiceThis curated tea collection features three green teas, Kashmiri Kahwa Green, Grand Cinnamon Green, Ginger Green. It is the perfect gift for this Diwali. The teas will make you feel healthy, light and active.


  • Assam DelightThe gift box celebrates Assam the world's largest tea growing region. Our collection of Assam teas is from Award Winning Tea estates which are over 150 years old. It is also a celebration of our Tea Masters contribution to the region. The box features three teas to be enjoyed with milk; Assam Gold CTC, Assam Gold Orthodox, Special Masala Chai.


  • Goodness Greens: Our happy, goodness green box contains two delightful and delicious blends of Rose Green Tea and Cinnamon Green Tea which will support your wellbeing and keep you feeling great.


We hope this article will help you re-think your gifts for Diwali 2021 and convince you to go healthy route than the regular sweets and dry fruits. If you need any help in curating gifts contact us and brief us and we will do the needful.



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