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Masala Chai - The Wonder Chai

Masala Chai is a blend of loose black tea with aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Masala Chai has gained worldwide popularity and has become a feature in many tea houses across the globe.

The origin of Masala Chai can be attributed to the Indian Sub Continent. India also happens to be the second-largest producer of tea and Assam is the largest tea-growing region in the world.

There is no evidence of a defined recipe for Masala Chai, but one can trace the blend to experiments that generations have done with Indian spices. The most popular spices being cardamom and ginger which were added to tea, this over the years has been tried by generations and each generation has contributed a spice which has added to the flavour. The result of which is a different version of Masala Chai are now available for consumers.

One tea that stands out is Teacupsfull Masala Chai which is made with the finest Assam Tea (sourced from Assam’s best Tea Estate) which has been blended by Tea Masters for a flavourful cup. The tea is blended with natural aromatic spices like cardamom, ginger, cloves, star anise, cinnamon and other herbs. The tea has a brisk malty flavour with a bright colour, the aroma will fill your room and a sip should perk you up immediately. To simply put it – the masala chai is zesty and stimulating.

Tea drinkers across the globe are enjoying Masala Chai. Many Cafe’ have Masala Chai on their menu and is loved by tea lovers. Some have incorporated various hot and iced blends of spiced teas in their menus to delight customers and have received tremendous success for the same. It is good to see that globally tea lovers are enjoying spicy Indian tea (Masala Chai).

According to N K Puri, Tea Master at Teacupsfull and former General Manager of Goodricke Group Limited "for over four decades I have manufactured tea when we started blending Indian spices with tea, we got outstanding results, we handpicked spices from Kerala, each spice had to be dry, aromatic and meet our quality parameters. After blending we tested our Masala Chai internally then among friends and acquaintances for their feedback, the results were, 'we want another cup and more tea please'. Today it is one of our signature blends and best-selling teas. Our Masala Chai has been appreciated by buyers in the UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and the USA." 

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