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Ginger Green Tea

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Ginger is one of the world's most -loved ingredients used across continents for its taste. The light golden liquor has a warm spicy aroma of fresh sweet ginger and vegetal notes of green tea. The richness of natural ginger blends with the delicate flavour of fresh green tea to create a mellow zesty drink ideal for moments when you want to rejuvenate yourself. The antioxidant-rich green tea will boost your metabolism, while invigorating ginger will soothe sore throats and colds.

Quantity: 50 gm



Dry Leaf: Light rolled green leaves with bits of ginger

Aroma: Warm with fragrant notes of ginger

Colour of Liquor: Light yellow

Flavour of the Tea: The liquor is mild, smooth and has a distinct taste of ginger

Compliments: Goes with Indian snacks, lightly seasoned salads, creamy desserts and middle eastern cuisines.

Brewing Instructions: Always use fresh water. Bring water to near boiling point. Take one teaspoon of tea leaves in a cup. Pour the heated water and steep the tea for 3-4 mins.  Adjust the time of brewing as per desired strength. Leaves can be steeped multiple times till it gives flavour.

Tea Master Recommendation: Not to be had with milk. Can add honey and lemon to taste.  Always use fresh water. Do not use re-boiled water. The brewed leaves can be steeped multiple times with an increase in steeping time. Sip it when it cools down a little instead of boiling hot for enhanced flavour.

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